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Do you still choose the "bargain" when you buy the spring machine?
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  In recent years, with the continuous growth of enterprises and the rapid rise of new enterprises, the competition pressure among industries has become more and more big.Therefore, many hardware factory or spring enterprise in order to save costs, reduce investment and enjoy a little profit, so choose the cheaper spring machine equipment. The Kaichuang spring machine of Li manager reminders that the cheap spring machine equipment can not buy? The answer is not. Why can't we buy cheap spring machines?


  ①Is it really useful to buy cheaper spring machines? Maybe only when you cut off the price is happy, and in the process of using you may not be happy once, because it will be a lot of problems or troubles. In other words, the cost of cheap spring machine equipment, its cost may not be very low, but the manufacturers should not be saved in other aspects of the money to throttle it. We can imagine that if the manufacturer to the cost of this should be used to save the production, then the product will certainly have some technical defects and deficiencies. When they sell you at a very low price, you seem to be happy because you've picked up a big bargain. Let's just think about how long it's going to be. How can you really use this kind of device from a safety point of view?


  ②Is it really worth buying a good spring machine? For most consumers, the money should be painful at the moment, but the use of the process must be happy every day, because they will feel special value. For example, with many years of CNC spring machine products, as if the machine has not been overhauled, but there will be a little bit of trouble, but manufacturers have also been dealt with in time, after sale is done in place. It's like you bought a thousand dollar clothes, you may pay for that moment, you feel bad, it feels too expensive. But when you go through a period of time, you really find its value, such as dirt, no pilling and no fade, etc., the key is wearing comfortable and decent, compared with a few hundred dollars a piece of clothing, you will find that the money spent special value.


  ③Good service needs to be guaranteed by enterprise profits. Each enterprise needs survival and development, profits can only be appropriately reduced, but can not disappear, you guarantee the survival of the profits of the enterprise are all pumping out, then the quality of machinery and after-sales service on whom to protect it? Step back, the service as a follow-up value of the product, enterprises can not lose their own money to pay for your after-sale bar. In fact, we seriously think, as long as the purchase of computer spring machine to meet the quality requirements, but also to meet the production needs, and manufacturers of services to keep up with the price can be accepted, which has been very value.


  ④Your choice determines the quality and service of the product. "One price, one price", because the product is good, so the price is expensive. Therefore, "the quality of products, people in your taste", your choice determines the quality of products and services. It is the truth of money that there is no money to buy the best products in the world, but to buy the best products. For less than 100 yuan or even thousands of yuan to buy defective goods have been countless, the result? There must be many people who repent. Good to impeccable, expensive natural rational. The value of the product is reflected in the price, and the price is determined by the market. Therefore, for intelligent users, the purchase of spring machine first focus on the value of the product (that covers the quality of the product and services, etc.), and the price is always only reference factors.


  So when someone asks, "can you make your spring machine cheaper?"" I can only say, "I can't give you the lowest price, but I can give you the best quality."". For a long spring machine enterprise engaged in R & D, production and sales as one of the CNC spring machine, the Kaichuang always follow the "quality first, customer supreme principle of development and excellence", always adhere to the "pursuit of excellence" and "quality" business philosophy, we prefer the price explain for a while, not willing to apologize for the quality of life.

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